Hi, I’m Lucy.

I'm a strategist and creative consultant who builds brands that inspire employees and resonate with consumers. From fashion retail to technology and entertainment, I work with leaders to answer big questions about their products, their people, and their purpose to ultimately define how they show up in the world.

Brands Ive Worked With


Consumer Research  

Brand Positioning

Product & Marketing

Team Development


Strategy Services

Every project is unique. I can help you put together a

full-service package for your brand, or we can create a bespoke plan from my offerings below.

1. Consumer Research

Lead primary research

and distill nuances of findings into transformative insights and target audience profiles. A deep understanding of your consumers will serve as the bedrock of your brand and your business.

3. Product Marketing

Create actionable frameworks to guide cross-functional decision making and spark meaningful innovation. These tools will ensure you're creating and communicating with your consumers top of mind.

2. Brand Positioning

Develop a brand positioning and overarching narrative that clearly conveys your purpose. 

A brand positioning will clearly define what makes you unique and how you to show up to the world.

4. Team Development

Design and conduct workshops with key stakeholder teams to further embed strategy across your organization and foster alignment. These workshops will cohesively bring your brand to life across everything you do. 

My Philosophy

As a strategist, I take a human-centric approach to my work. 


I’m infinitely curious about people; what sparks their interest, what matters to them the most, and what earns their affinity. I bring a deep understanding of your consumers and your employees to bridge the gap between your greatest internal ambitions and external opportunities.


Whether it's finding your founding story or writing your next chapter,

by discovering this intersection, we’ll define the north star for your business and your brand.

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